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1998 - Stuart, Jason and Daniel Lyall with Glen MacDonnel President & CEO of the Ontario Special Olympics at book signing at Chapters in Toronto. (1998)

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2020, Stuart, Jason and Daniel Lyall with Glen MacDonnel President & CEO of the Special Olympics Ontario

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Back in 1998 I wrote this book for my sons as well as every young person the world over in an effort for them to understand the world of finance and how beginning early in life to secure their financial future would make their lives so much easier. How TIME and NOT TIMING will bring them the financial security they and we all so desire. How starting to save and invest early in life with a very small amount would reap great financial rewards in their futures.

The book, "My Kids Are Gonne Be Rich, Your Kids Too!" became a National Best Seller 22 years ago and still helps thousands of children and their families worldwide.

I wrote back in 1998 of plant closings, layoffs and how Government pensions would be a difficult way to secure your retirement and give you the financial security and peace of mind in your golden years after working most of their lives. I spoke of how you must take charge of your financial future with the help and support of their parents and grandparents.

How it is so important to set up an "Emergency Fund" you and your family could survive on for at least six months should your company shut down or you became unemployed through circumstance beyond your control.

Never in anyone's wildest imagination did we see it coming nor could anyone predict an event such as the Covid-19 pandemic entering their lives and destroying businesses, homes, employment and our general way of life. It hurts all of our hearts to see lineups at foodbanks around the world by ordinary people who have never experienced a situation such as this in their lifetimes. Unfortunately there are predictions this could happen again in the future so you must be prepared.

Through our Book and Ball Drop Program we have developed a strategy for any organization to raise funds for their cause while at the same time educating the youth of the world of the importance of starting early in life to secure their financial future.

Back in 1998 I did seminars for young people and would end them by saying, "In 20 or 25 years from now 90% of you will look back and say, “I wish I had listened to that guy.”, while 10% of you will say, “Phew!, Am I ever glad I listened to that guy 25 years ago.” It’s not a slight against anyone as we all know only 10% of people will follow through on their dreams and plans in any venture in life be it in business or their personal life. The road is yours to choose.

No matter where you presently reside in the world, I can tell you that "YOU CAN DO THIS!" Go out and be brave and try all the things you want to in life. Do whatever your heart desires and experience all what the world has to offer. Do not be afraid of failure. Sometimes without failure there can be no success. These failures will only make you a stronger and better person. As you will read in my book, march to the beat of your own drum and listen to what your critics have to say. Follow your dreams knowing very well that no statue has ever been erected for a critic.

As I said. I know you can do this.


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