The Mission...

Our "Drone Ball Drop" program is not only a simple, easy and exciting way to generate funds for your Charity, Group, School, Service Club or Sports Organization. It is also about learning the art of saving and securing the financial future of an entire generation. To create wealth and financial freedom for your daughter, son, niece, nephew or grandchild.

To this end, we have created our "Book and Ball" program to empower hope and optimism not only in these time of stress and social distancing created by this Pandemic known as Covid 19. But for the long term financial security of an entire generation.

For the past 22 years through our Best Selling book "My Kids Are Gonna Be Rich. Your Kids Too!" we have built healthier comunities by educating and connecting young and old alike to the advantages of beginning early in life to create a foundation of wealth security.

In life, we all have choices and sometimes we hit the mark right on the button. Then other times. Not so much. Our program is based on TIME. For it is TIME not TIMING that will bring you the financial security all of us desire in life. The earlier you begin. The easier and simpler your life and future will be.

We soldier on in the hope that we achieve our goals and life dreams. That has become our life's mission. Create funds for all the organizations in the world while at the same same time creating wealth for our children and grandchildren.

Can you think of a more worthwhile project?.


Niagara Falls, ON


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